• Advanced Wedding Photography
  • in Kyoto, Japan

Himi Photography

  • Advanced Wedding Photography
  • in Kyoto, Japan

Himi Photography

Most commonly asked questions

Does the advertised price of the pre wedding shoot plans include all costs?

Yes. There will be no additional fees unless you choose from the following options:
1. weekend or national holiday booking
2. long sleeved kimono for the 2 kimono plan
3. ordering any optional items or locations
Please don’t worry - there will be no other hidden costs.

What happens if it rains?

/ If there is a 50% chance of rain at 5pm the day before the photo shoot, we will consult with you about whether you would like to postpone or not. / In case of rain, we will give you the option of whether you’d like to proceed with the photo shoot or not.

In case rain during the 2 kimonos plan photo shoot, you can either choose to:
1. cancel the second kimono and change to the 1 kimono plan. We will give you a discount of 20,000 yen off the original price.
2. postpone the second kimono shoot and reschedule to a later date.
* if you decide to postpone to Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, you will be charged a fee of 20,000 yen

/ If there is a sudden change in weather after you have arrived at the studio, we will confirm whether you wish you proceed with the photo shoot before dressing.
/ If you decide to cancel the on location shoot, you can choose to do the photo shoot at our studio instead.
* Studio availability is subject to change depending on reservation

/ If it suddenly starts to rain after dressing and leaving the studio, we will proceed with the photo shoot according to conditions.
/ If you decide to proceed with the photo shoot even with a high chance of rain (over 50%), we will not offer refunds.
/ There is no fee for postponing the date in case of rain.
* if you decide to postpone to Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, you will be charged a fee of 20,000 yen

On weekends and national holidays, is there an additional fee?

Yes there is an additional fee of 20,000yen.

Is transport included?

Yes it is included in your plan.

Our family would like to come with us…

There’s no problem with it but please have them meet at the location. And we are happy to take group photos.

How is delivery date?

We will send all photo data within 3 weeks. In a high season, we would ask a bit more time to send.
In case of haste, please let us know.

Do we need for fitting kimonos before shooting?

You don’t have to fit your kimonos in advance.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

About reservation

How can we confirm our reservation?

We will email you our reservation form. After you have filled out and sent us your application, we will confirm your reservation via email.

How early can we make a reservation?

You can reserve as early as you like so please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.
*In case of reserving an optional location, applications cannot be approved until one month before the photo shoot date.

We want to display our items at our wedding ceremony/reception. When should we do the photo shoot by?

We will send your all photo data within 3 weeks your photo album will be sent one month after you have selected the photos for the album.
Welcome boards and A1 posters will be sent one week after we have received confirmation of the layout we will send the layout one week after the photo shoot.
We recommend doing your pre wedding photo shoot two months before the wedding. please let us know if you are in a hurry.

  • *Deliveries may take longer during the peak season.

Can we change the day of photo shoot?

Yes, it’s possible to change your date but please let us know at least one month in advance.
If you decide to change the date within a month of the photo shoot, you will be charged 20,000yen.

About shooting

Do we need to bring anything for shooting or dressing?

Please just bring yourselves. If you would like to bring some items such as tennis rackets, toys, musical instruments or small black board, please bring them.

Should we bring our own socks and underwear for dressing?

We will prepare for everything you need but if you would like to bring them, there is no problem.

If we arrive earlier or later than expected, what should we do?

You can enter the salon ten minutes in advance.
If you are over 30 minutes late, there is a possibility that your photo shoot might be cancelled.

Is there parking available?

We are sorry but there is no parking available. Please use parking around our shop.

How long will it take from arriving at your shop to leaving after the photo shoot?

For the one kimono plan, it will take about 4 hours
For the two kimonos plan, it will take about 5 hours

Can we choose any other locations not listed on the website?

Usually, we do not shoot at any other locations but if you receive a permission for a different location, we are open to the possibility.

We don’t know how to pose during the photo shoot…

No worries!! Our photographers are experienced in wedding photo shoot.
Please relax and enjoy the photo shoot.

Can we bring our pets for the photo shoot?

Sorry, we do not accept taking pictures with pets.

Costumes and make-ups

Can we see the kimonos in person before the photo shoot?

We are sorry but you will choose your kimonos from our website.
You can choose three kimonos options before deciding on the day.

Can I choose my own hairstyle and make-up?

Yes, our hair and make up stylists will listen to your requests and create your ideal style.
Feel free to bring your own photos.

I’m pregnant now, is it alright for photo shoot?

Yes, it’s alright. We will dress you according to your body conditions.
Please let us know in advance.

When we would like to rent your Japanese wig, do we need to measure the size of my head?

Please let us know two points of your head.

In detail, please see this link below.

Can we bring MY Japanese wig?

We are sorry but we don’t accept wigs.

Is it possible to bring our own outfits?

Yes, it’s possible but we charge a 20,000yen fee.
In case of the two kimonos plan, we request that one of the kimonos be chosen from our own kimonos.


Can we choose other plans like dress plan or studio shooting plan?

Yes of course, you can choose other plans.

Can we choose pre wedding photo shoot in other locations except for Kyoto?

Yes, we are available in Osaka, Nara, Okayama or Himimeji.

Are available for wedding party photo shoot?

Sure we are available for it.

When should we pay the shooting fee?

Please pay in cash on the day of photo shoot.

Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards.