Please contact and sign up via the following mail form.
We will get back to you with answers to your inquiries,
the bank account for the sign-up fee, and the subsequent procedure via email.

*We will usually reply to you in 24 hours after receiving your email.
If you do not receive a reply, it may be because of mail delivery error.

*Addresses using may receive and error,
please email us from another address.

*If you cannot send a message using the mail form,
send us an email to

RequiredGroom Name

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Please note the following before you sign up.

The shooting location may be changed by necessity due to special circumstances.

When the chance of rain is more than 50% at 5 PM on the day before the shooting, the photo session will be postponed.

When you come a long distance and stay one or more days before the photo session, you can choose the date to decide go or no-go.

When we are ready for shooting and it starts raining, you cannot cancel the session. We will wait for the rain to stop to start shooting.

When the chance of rain is more than 50% on the day before the shooting and you chose to continue with the photo shoot, you still have to pay the fee, even if the session is forced to stop before it is finished because of the rain.

When the photo session is canceled because of the rain, the sign-up fee will be returned. The cancellation charge is not required.

The best time for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves may be early, or may be delayed.

Please let us know in advance if the bride is expecting, so we will change the way of dressing.

We have no designated parking spaces. Please park your car at a nearby metered parking.

The Yoshida Shrine, Imamiya Jinja Shrine, Toyokuni Shrine, and Daikaku-ji Temple require applications for photo sessions one month in advance.

Choose up to three Kimonos from the outfits page on our site and try them on to select your outfit on the shooting day.
You can come to see the Kimono you are interested in. Please feel free to inquire.

The reservation is confirmed when you pay the sign-up fee (50,000 yen). Please transfer the remaining amount to our bank account within three days after the shoot. You can pay the entire amount when you transfer the sign-up fee.

Process Flow

1. Sending a reservation form
Please send a reservation form via Himiphotography website and let us know about your preferred date, plan, kimonos, locations and so on.
We will let you know if it is available or not by Email.
*Wechat, whatssap and LINE are not available
2. Confirming your reservation
If it is available on your preferred date and plan, we will confirm your date and send you a detail of your photo shoot such as total price, our address, time schedule and so on.
*You don’t have to pay a deposit for your reservation. Please pay in cash on the day of your photo shoot.
*It will be added 3,000JPY to your total cost for shipping your album.
3. Come shooting with us
Please have a safe flight from your country.
We are looking forward to seeing you from all over the world.
*Before your photo shoot, you can come fitting if you would like to.
*In kimono plan, you have to bring nothing.
*In dress plan, please bring a bridal inner and stokings
4. Photo shoot
It will take about 3-5 hours from make-ups to saying goodbye.
We will do your photo shoot with your pace so please let us know your any requests during your photo shoot.
*During your photo shoot, Yusuke and our stylist will be with you.
*We prepare for a car for your transporting.
*You can come to our photo shoot with your friends or family.
*There is no a translator but if you need a translator, you can bring your own translator.
*There is no additional fee on Sakura and autumn leaves season.
*If there are over 50% possibility of rain, we will postpone your date.
*If it would rain on your date, you can change your date for free.
5. How to get your photo data and album
We will send you your photo data link within 3 weeks by Email. You can download them from the link.
After that, please choose your 30 or 40 photos and 1 cover photo for your preset 30 or 40 pages album. Then we will create your album and send it to you by EMS shipping service.
It will take about 1 month from choosing to receiving.
*If you can let us choose your photos for your album.
*We don’t have a photo retouching service.
*If you would like to get other items like welcome board, A1 poster and upgraded albums, please let us know.
*If you would like to get some photos earlier for your wedding ceremony, please let us know