• Advanced Wedding Photography
  • in Kyoto, Japan

Himi Photography

  • Advanced Wedding Photography
  • in Kyoto, Japan

Himi Photography

  • Gion
  • Arashiyama
  • Botanical garden
  • Yoshida Shrine
  • Japanese garden

  • On-location photo shooting services
  • by experienced and professional
    wedding photographer
  • based in Kyoto, Japan.
  • We, Himiphotography, are the photo shooting service
  • which is specialised in wedding photography based in Kyoto.
  • We would like you to enjoy your photo shoot with us in our relaxing one-couple-limited
    photo shoot.
  • Let's capture your beautiful moments with us.
  • Besides, we think we would like you to enjoy time in Kyoto.
  • We are really looking forward to seeing you.


  • Yusuke Himi

  • We would like to meet your wishes with experienced photo shooting.
  • Please feel free to contact us
  • if you would have any concerns and whatever you would like to know.
  • Let's create wonderful and relaxed time with us!

Our Plan

  • One couple per day exclusive
  • On-location photoshoot plan in Kyoto

One Kimono plan

180,000yen (without tax)

One Western dress plan

180,000yen (without tax)

Two Kimono plan

250,000yen (without tax)


One Kimono +
One Western dress plan

300,000yen (without tax)

Two Kimono +
One Western dress plan

350,000yen (without tax)

Vacation photo plan

50,000yen (without tax)


  • Our plan includes several of kyoto’s most popular locations
    in Gion, Yasaka Pagoda and botanical garden etc...
    You can pick your favorite locations.


  • Choose your favorite costume from the
    following gallery page according to your plan.
    Additional charges are not required
    for any costume.
    You may come see
    the costume you are interested in.
    Please feel free to inquire.



Tourism Info

Sightseeing spot/Foods/Hotels


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