Kimono rentals and on-location photography services by experienced professional wedding photographers based in Kyoto.

Since the service is available for only one couple per day, you can enjoy a relaxing photo session. Please feel free to contact us about anything that is not included in the following plans or locations. Himiphotography offers exclusive and satisfactory services. Save your memorable moments with photos in the historical city of Kyoto, the perfect setting for wearing Kimono.


氷見雄輔 Yusuke Himi Yusuke Himi

高校卒業後、服飾専門学校に進学。20歳の時に上京し、服飾ではなく写真の世界に進む。レンタルスタジオでアシスタントを経験した後、写真家のアシストタントになる。24歳でフリーランスフォトグラファーとして雑誌や広告を中心に活動。29歳の時に、東京から故郷の京都に活動拠点を移す。以後ウエディングを中心として京都を舞台に活動中。 After high school, he went on to a fashion design college. He moved to Tokyo when he was 20, and started his career in photography, rather than the fashion industry. After working for as an assistant in a photography rental studio, he became a photographer’s assistant. When he was 24, he became a freelance photographer for magazines and advertising. He moved his base from Tokyo to his hometown of Kyoto at the age of 29. Since then he has built his career in Kyoto mainly as a wedding photographer.


We will do photo shoot to meet your wishes. We hope that couples will choose us for our relaxed photographs. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns. Let’s use your own style to create wonderful photos!

【1日1組限定】京都和装ロケーション前撮り Available to "one couple per day"

Prime Plan

  • 撮影(ロケ地1ヶ所) Photo session (one location)
  • 全データ(約200cut) All data (about 200 cuts)
  • 写真集(30P) Photo book (30 pages)
  • 衣裳1点(白無垢 or 色打掛 or 引振袖) One Kimono (Shiromuku, Irouchikake, or Hikifurisode)
  • 美容(着付け&ヘアメイク) Hairdressing (Dressing with Makeup and Hair)
  • 移動車 Chauffeur service

150,000yen(税別) 150,000yen (without tax)

+ +


衣裳やロケ地追加などお客さまのプランに合わせて対応させていただきます We will try to meet your requests for outfits and additional shooting sites.

プランの詳細はこちら Details for plan